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Cutivate Your Ritual

Cutivate Your Ritual

Learn 3 easy methods to love on your skin naturally

A beginner's class in facial gua sha, massage, and acupressure.

  • Seeking a beauty ritual centered around skills instead of products?

  • Looking for natural techniques to increase circulation, drain puffiness, and cultivate glow?

  • Gua sha's got you.​

  • In this video you'll be guided through a full facial gua sha protocol for the neck and face, designed to warm, drain, and lift the skin while addressing fine lines, puffiness and swelling.

  • We'll discuss the history and cultural significance of gua sha, and when you should and shouldn't use it, so you can stroke safely.

  • You'll learn the energetics of gua sha stones, their basic shapes, and how to use them, so you can wield your stone with the confidence of an expert.

  • We'll also talk the proper facial oil for your skin type and how to perform a delicious facial massage to commence your ritual.

  • We'll finish with a basic facial and body acupressure routine, bringing balance to the body as a whole.

  • You'll receive facial maps for facial massage, gua sha and acupressure so you can easily customize your own ritual.

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