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PLEASE NOTE: Facial acupuncture, light therapy, massage and gua sha are for those with no major health challenges, and not for those with high blood pressure, cardiac history, diabetes, seizure disorder, autoimmune disease, hemophilia, history of migraines, those that are pregnant or trying, currently/recently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation or have recently had facial surgery/laser/dermabrasion/peel OR BOTOX OR FILLER of any type.



RESET $150 / 75 minutes

Basic Cosmetic Acupuncture

Lifting, firming, and brightening for mature or aging skin, pigmentation or rosacea with a whole-body treatment, customized towards both your skin and health challenges, that will leave you looking younger because you feel younger. Starts with a balancing and detoxifying body acupuncture protocol followed up by facial and body acupuncture. Course of treatment consists of six treatments over six weeks and includes prescription for herbal formula when appropriate. Releases facial tension, reduces redness, smooths lines and plumps the skin.


RESTORE $175 / 90 minutes

Cosmetic Acupuncture, Facial Massage & Herbal Skincare

Enhance your cosmetic acupuncture experience by adding traditional rejuvenating techniques combined with the latest in skincare technology and herbal and plant-based skincare.  We'll use gua sha, a sculpting massage with jade tools, exfoliation, LED light therapy and plant-based skincare to customize your cosmetic acupuncture treatment. Course of treatment consists of six treatments over six weeks and includes prescription for herbal formula when appropriate. Resurfaces, lifts, plumps, brightens, smooths lines, sculpts cheekbones, releases facial tension and decreases inflammation and swelling.

CLARIFY $150 / 75 minutes

Cosmetic Acupuncture for acne

Treating acne with an whole-body protocol that addresses both skin and health challenges. Includes blue LED light therapy. Course of treatment consists of ten treatments over ten weeks and when appropriate includes prescription for herbal formula.

SCULPT $100 / 45 minutes

Facial Gua Sha

Skip the needles with this soothing and sculpting massage with jade known as facial gua sha. Skin will be cleansed, exfoliated and toned, then draped in a rich, plant-based oil designed to help move lymph, decrease swelling, and calm all skin types. Face, neck, chest and shoulders will be gently massaged with a jade stone.

A la carte LED light therapy $10 /$90 for 10


Beauty assisted by  Laurel Skin, Marie Veronique, and Mei Zen

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